Testimonials from Rescued Pilots

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Thrice Hapus  rescued on YC120-Apr-17
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anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Apr-17
These guys really helped me out of a tough spot. Thanks!

Thrice Hapus  rescued on YC120-Apr-17
It was the greatest!

Twice Hapus  rescued on YC120-Apr-16
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Emily Carloon  rescued on YC119-May-17
10/10 would use again xD

Roger Y0ung  rescued on YC119-May-07
I used your [SAR] service, and what can I say? - I was pretty amazed, because, you know, EVE is a game where one trusts no one. I heard of you guys long ago, but never thought I'd need this kind of help. I gave it a try, and it worked pretty well for me. I'd give [the rescue pilot] a medal.

Ashwind Houssa  rescued on YC119-May-07
I appreciate the work you guys did, as there was not only excellent work by the person in the chat channel, but also by the person who had installed the cache in that particular wormhole to try and get me out.

Even though you guys didn't get me out, you did spectacular work considering how badly I had gotten myself stuck.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC119-May-01
The service was both easy and quick, and got me out of quite a pickle. I expect this service will be used well by others in need.

Jenan Tahnek  rescued on YC119-Apr-26
I have to admit I was very skeptical when I first read about EvE-Scout. I decided that even if it was legit, I probably would never need it. It turns out that a week later I logged into my alt that was camping [a wormhole] and realized I had forgotten to retrieve my probes during the previous session. :-| You know the rest of the story.

Thanks for the rescue. The service you provided was courteous, business-like, and timely.

Miss Fiery  rescued on YC119-Mar-20
I had doubts about Signal Cartel when I first stumbled upon their rescue cache, but I contacted them anyway. The cache got me out of the hole that confined me for over a year because of stupid mistakes that I made.

If I happen to get lost in a hole again, and find myself with a rescue cache, I'd not hesitate to contact them again. They are the only ones other than my corp, alliance, or friends that I trust with my life in a game where everyone is out to get you. I highly recommend them.