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Miranda Otomeya  rescued on YC122-May-30
Went into a wormhole, teammates ship had the probe scanner, got blown up, my ship doesn't have probe scanners, and next thing you know, two noobs in a wormhole. I reached out to the Cartel and they responded within 10 minutes, and got us out of the wormhole, making sure the stalking sabre didn't eat us alive. A great experience and a huge shout out to Salmon Putter!

Cuprum Ferron  rescued on YC122-May-19
Hi there! I spend around 30 days stuck. Then I called EvE-Scout. Couple days, and I was rescued. Great service, polite and friendly operators. Safe scouts. Best service I ever seen in this game. Надежные ребята. Отличный сервис, просто лучший в этой игре.

Mark Ongard  rescued on YC122-May-18
Extremely friendly and fast rescue! I'd recommend their service to anyone who gets stranded in a wormhole all over New Eden.

Herkon BH  rescued on YC122-May-12
The EvE-Scout team is dedicated, serious and really helpful. Feel free to get lost in wormholes!, EVE SCOUT will be there for you!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-May-11
I'm glad these guys were there to save noobs like me who forgot their drones in their other system.

Puchi Zirud  rescued on YC122-May-06
Maxwell Kurvora is my hero! He jumped 17 times and scanned down a wormhole to pull my dumbself out. I would have had to blow myself up without his assistance.

Ryann Charante  rescued on YC122-May-02
I forgot to recall scan probes before downtime in w-space (lesson learnt!) without spares and Maxwell Kurvora quickly reached out and pointed me in the direction of a rescue cache. I'm a relatively new player and Maxwell walked me through it patiently. Now I'm back on my way - thanks so much!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-May-02
I was trying out new things in a shattered c5... got caught in a site and was left in my pod. EvE-Scout Rescue started looking for me soon after I contacted them and when they found me, 2 pilots showed up to help me out. Super friendly and quick to communicate. I'd recommend them to anyone and use them again without hesitation.

Ali Thrush  rescued on YC122-Apr-30
I was rescued out of a wormhole within 5 minutes of sending my request. The service is unbelievable, thank you!

Polymatheia Hacat  rescued on YC122-Apr-30
EvE-Scout Rescue work in wormhole space is life-saver. I was stranded in capsule, with no probes, or navigation points. I sent out a distress call to Signal Cartel 911. An EvE-Scout representative contacted me within thirty minutes and found my escape capsule and escorted me to high security sector within sixty minutes. Along with my life, EvE-Scout Rescue saved my implants worth close to a billion isk. EvE-Scout Rescue's dedication to helping is admirable and I will find ways to support them during my time in New Eden.

Hampar Khamsi  rescued on YC122-Apr-29
Man I was about to self destruct when I remembered your channel (I found it by chance). Service is excellent, the best is it saved a couple of implants so I am grateful.

Brac3 Spidron  rescued on YC122-Apr-29
Absolute five star Eve service. A member contacted me within a few minutes of my submission. They guided me to a can to help replace my probes I lost when I disconnected. I scanned my way out in minutes and was back to playing the game. Would recommend and use the service in the future.

Hazeer Vacknibar  rescued on YC122-Apr-29
Words cannot describe how awesome the whole experience was...but I'll give it a crack! I had been disconnected multiple times due to my Australian internet being less than ideal and it turns out your probes don't come back after being disconnected. Thankfully I had bookmarked my way out and was hopeful that I could find a way out for my alt and myself...unfortunately one of the holes on the way out had been closed. This left me with a massive problem...getting out. I d-scanned hoping to find something...anything to get me outta there and stumbled upon one of your containers and though...screw it I've got no other options. At first I was confused and thought to myself...what a great way to trick people into to getting in contact and telling you where they are and effectively defenceless...then again I thought to myself...Maybe they can pod me and I'll get jump cloned back...worst case scenario...I get out one of two ways! Much to my absolute fascination I had one of the most pleasant and positive experiences in EVE Online after submitting a form on your website. After being given the co-ordinates to a secure container and grabbing some probes I quickly scanned myself out and headed home. It was PHENOMENAL. I rave about that whole experience on my stream ( www.twitch.tv/auscarni ) all the time and cannot get over it. Honestly, thank you so much for doing what you do!

Constantino Romero  rescued on YC122-Apr-28
Lost my probes after a server maintenance inside a wormhole where I forgot to save the exit hole. Within minutes of asking for help, the guys of Eve Scout sent me the location of a rescue cache with 8 probes, so I was able to make it back to safety! 10/10 would recommend.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Apr-25
Got stranded without probes in a wormhole, I decided to try out EvE-Scout Rescue to see how it works. Within minutes i got convoed, and minutes later i had probes and could find my way out of that wormhole. Good Job Signal Cartel!

Roger Larkan  rescued on YC122-Apr-23
I was trapped and lost in a wormhole, but then a scout told me about N110 wormholes, permanent connections back to hi-sec. Within 15 minutes I was out. Great service. Will be giving a donation.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Apr-15
Got rolled out after an EOL hole closed behind me and I was sitting on a rescue cache in under 5 minutes. Thanks guys!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Apr-10
I lost my probes in wormhole. I was out 5 minutes after contacting EvE-Scout Rescue. Thanks to them!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Mar-26
I am a new player and someone mentioned 911 rescue to me. A fellow named Reynauld Lachapelle came to save me and gave me 20 million credits to replace my blown up ship. I thought this was very cool as a new player and hope to pay it forward some day. Great service you provide to new players.

D'Kins Cider  rescued on YC122-Mar-17
I was a fool and got lost in a wormhole without probes. You live and learn, right? I was only in a Venture as I was very new to the game, but the ore I carried at the time was significant to my overall net worth. The Signal Cartel guys were friendly, never made me feel like an idiot, they were funny and engaging, and most importantly, they got me out to safety. And I even made it back to my home system unscathed! Completely and utterly wrapped in the work that these guys and girls did for me, and they didn't ask a cent (ISK) in return. I've recommended them to several others in the Rookie Help channel when they've gotten stuck, and I've never heard a bad result.

Joshua MIstweaver  rescued on YC122-Mar-16
Perfect service. Friendly and humble first-responders with a professional attitude. Very recommended if you happen to get lost in the depths of unknown space!

Ashes Twinkle  rescued on YC122-Mar-16
Thank you very much for your kind advice and for your great efforts to rescue me.

The Lazy Man  rescued on YC122-Mar-05
Thanks for what you do guys, if i wouldn't have found that cache i would have lost everything. You guys are awesome.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Feb-28
It took like 3 minutes or so to get me saved.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Feb-21
Hello EVE pilots! Recently I found myself chasing 4 rolling mega's while in my Stratios. The battleships rolled the wormhole and dead in space I sat. I contacted the nearest EvE-Scout I could find and was Immediately given instructions on how to ping between celestials and bookmark myself closer and closer to a rescue cache. After some good conversation about EVE the rescuer waited 35 minute for me to slowly find the cache. I'm so grateful for his patience and help in saving my ship. Thanks EvE-Scouts for your hard work and contributions to our glorious lives in New Eden.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Feb-20
I was extemely thankful for the assistance and the pilot was outstanding. Very professional and courteous. Highly recommended and trustworthy service.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Feb-20
I was stuck in a c5 wormhole with a Leshak (without probes and scanner), a set of High-Grade Mimesis implants, and trying find this c5 with my alt for more then a week. After this I asked for help from EvE-Scout. They were nice and welcome and started a rescue mission. It lasted about 10 days but finally I'm in highsec now and great thanks to the members of EvE-Scout who help me feel free!!! with Love from Emma!!

Sigurd Yarrow  rescued on YC122-Feb-17
Because it will have a few details I'll bring the bottom line up: so far it was the best experience I had in EVE. Here is my story. I am a month old, exploring a wormhole chain in my Heron, hacked a site or two, and between spamming d-scan and planning safe spots I forgot to bookmark the exit... ok, not the first time to be honest, but then when I realized it I was in a process of finding a safe spot, got distracted, few sleepers showed up, i'm in a pod. It is really hard to scan a way out in a pod... I had few implants, nothing major, maybe few mil worth altogether, besides self destructing didn't feel right, and after making those mistakes I was already pretty depressed. So I asked in Rookie Help, if there is a way, Kylania send me link to EvE-Scout Rescue site (3:40). (Thanks Kylania!) I went through paperwork, and at 4:10 pris Naari started opened a conversation. They had no routes to my system but I had my chain recorded. At 4:28 Yumi Aozora joined the channel and took my rescue in her hands. At 4:56 an Angel came to this cold and forgotten hole in space... Overwhelmed with joy, my laptop crashed... Logged back in, Yumi was patiently waiting for me, we met at a safe spot, she took me under her wing and fleetwarped me to the exit, 5:35 I was docked. End of story. Things like that make me thing this game is not just about isk/hr or kill-before-you-get-killed, not to mention overall positive impression of human beings. Thank you EvE-Scout Rescue, pris Naari and Yumi Aozora!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Feb-16
How can I express, appreciate this great, thankful moment. THANK YOU FOR THIS SERVICE! THAN YOU VERY VERY MUCH!

Terra Tertius  rescued on YC122-Feb-15
Ace Rimmer came from eight systems away to help me out, and he did it with five minutes to downtime. He reached me just before the servers went down but stuck around until they came back up. I am so impressed and astounded at what some people do in this game. Thank you Ace Rimmer!

Windmaster  rescued on YC122-Feb-12
Really smart guys - I had the choice of two exits: high and a low sec as there was no rescue container in system. And during my rescue a fresh container was also installed. Glad to know that in that cold and lawless area a corp is also risking their ships and spending time to help out others. Keep going - fly smart o7

Don Aserdeon  rescued on YC122-Feb-08
What can I say!? I am so impressed by the effort put into rescuing random strangers. I just happened to forget to bookmark my way out a wormhole... then I just accepted my fate, but the fellows in the help channel forwarded me to EvE-Scout, and I was rescued in less than 15 minutes. I was mindblown. God be with you, space brothers, and never forget to call the scouts if you goof too much and get lost in wormhole space :)

Belos Thellere  rescued on YC122-Feb-08
While inside a wormhole, I had experienced catastrophic failure of my probing equipment which had left me without any means to continue my work. Upon returning to the wormhole through which I had entered, I further discovered that it had closed unexpectedly -- leaving me not only without an exit, but without a way to find one. Within the first minute of contacting ESR, I was connected with a very knowledgeable and determined rescue operative that (after narrowing down my dilemma), managed to send me coordinates to a nearby rescue cache containing the equipment I needed to probe down a different wormhole. Without ESR (and as a new pilot), I would probably still be helpless and floating around J101408. Thank you, Xavec for your dedication to helping a complete stranger and to the rest of the ESR team for making Eve a safer place. 10/10 -- would hail again

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Feb-01
Perfect, quick, and easy. I apologize to the guys as it must have been spooky getting invited into a fleet (was running pve ops for newer players and rolled myself out of a hole). Great experience 10/10

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Jan-31
You guys saved me from having to self destruct my Basilisk. I was on my way to another wormhole when the connection to k-space closed as it was eol. I got seperated from the rest of the fleet and the hole closed due to mass. So thanks for providing the service you do - Saved my Basi with a killmark on it.

Revo Erkkinen  rescued on YC122-Jan-29
It is so nice to find some help when you need it. I am new to Eve and just don't know what I'm doing and the best thing is to become a friend to the person who rescued me from the wormhole. He taught me everything about wormholes and exploration I never guessed I'd find a friend like Ace in Eve. He always answered my all questions and helped me to get better and better in Eve.

Bardos Skylifter  rescued on YC122-Jan-26
I had never heard of this service before and coincidently found out about it only a day before I actually got stuck in a wormhole for the first time. I was blown away that this service existed by players in the game. Within minutes of me putting in my request, I was contacted and provided a bookmark for a probe launcher and a new set of probes and I was back home shortly after. Thank you all so much, you're doing an amazing job!

Eridanin  rescued on YC122-Jan-18
Lost my last probes and all my bookmarked wormholes got closed. My finger is hovering over self-destruct button, it is pity to lose the ship which is fully packed with valuable goods. ... no no, there should be other way. Got rescued by the EvE Scout Rescue team! Thanks a lot! Eridanin, 07

Intergalactic Traveler  rescued on YC122-Jan-18
Yumi Aozoara helped a pair of our pilots in need after getting rolled out during a fight. We appreciate the quick response and great service. Many Thanks to EvE-Scout Rescue for getting us back to safety! IT - Intergalactic Traveler

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Jan-12
I got stuck while mining gas, got rescued in less then 10 minutes! Love you guys !

Sue T'Que  rescued on YC122-Jan-11
I had recently discovered gas mining and was making good ISK at it. Normally, I was careful to mark my entrance into a wormhole, but this day I super excited to get mining. I warped away from the wormhole entrance to make my first safe spot and was about to start scanning for gas sites, when I realized I did not save the the entrance location. I freaked out a little at first, but then i got on google to see what I could do. There it was! A link to evescoutrescue.com. Who knew! Anyway, I joined the EvE-Scout channel and typed HELP! Within a minute someone was responding and organizing a rescue. I was safely out of the wormhole in about 20 minutes.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Jan-10
You guys are amazing! Got help within ~ 5 minutes.

Charlotte-Mairin Talleyrand  rescued on YC122-Jan-10
o7 and thank you again. I wouldn't have thought that all would work out so fast and professional. De facto it took approximatley 1 to 2 days to locate me. Since I've been out of country for some days you could't reach me but when I came back and logged in, I got almost immediately messaged. Then you guys got me to high sec 2 minutes later. I can't imagine a better service. Cordially Charlotte-Mairin Talleyrand

Rinaya Sogereya  rescued on YC122-Jan-10
Hey =) I am a new player and joined a wormhole corp and went into our wormhole. No one was online anymore and our high sec wormhole died - I was lost. Of course, the noob that I am, I forgot to bring a probe launcher and probes. I was stuck in our wormhole with no way out - until I remembered about EvE-Scout and contacted them. One fellow scout located my wormhole and checked if there was a rescue cache - to my luck there was! With those probes I was able to scan down the new high sec wormhole! Thank you for your service - and for me as new player it was truly amazing, I never had such an experience in an MMO!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Jan-05
I was really happy when you helped me get out from a wormhole.Thanks so much!!!

Ace Abramowitz  rescued on YC122-Jan-02
What an unbelievable group of people. I got caught in a wormhole with no way to scan out (because I'm an idiot) and they found me and directed me out with great professionalism and concern. I didn't even know they existed and now I sing their praises endlessly. A+!

wmcscrooge  rescued on YC122-Jan-02
New to the game and I got lost in a wormhole due to a disconnect and not bringing spare probes with me. Had just finished a couple hours of exploring and really didn't want to give up all my loot and luckily EvE-Scout was able to send someone who found me extremely quickly and asked for nothing in exchange. Great experience and thanks so much for helping me out in a time of need!

Nax'teus  rescued on YC121-Dec-27
A couple of days ago, while on patrol in my Hyperion, I discovered a wormhole, it was my first experience. After transiting through the WH, I noticed a Sisters of Eve flotilla and thought there might be a station near by; this would end up not being the case. Without thinking, I warped to the flotilla. In doing so, I became trapped in the system. Unable to find the WH again, I soon discovered that, while basically a dead and shattered system, there were some, not very friendly types in the system. I was attacked and the Hyperion was destroyed. I sent a distress message to Signal Cartel's EvE-Scout Rescue and two days later a Search and Rescue team found me and I was saved. Thank you EvE-Scout SAR!

RivKyiR Rivero  rescued on YC121-Dec-23
Some friends stayed back in deadspace just before the WH closed. They had no probes or probe scanner... eventually we got Help from EvE Scout members and they came home safe... thank you so much for existing... <3

Josef Reeds  rescued on YC121-Dec-15
After the lost core scanner probes, I was forced to seek help, and was pleasantly surprised by the speed and accuracy of the team. Nice to know that EVE has such a nice community. Hello from Ukraine.

Serg Shaht  rescued on YC121-Nov-29
After the loss of the astrohaus, I and the so-corpians remained in isolation. Thanks a lot to the guys from EvE-Scout Rescue, they saved us in a couple of days. Thanks for your work.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC121-Nov-17
I'm new player who didn't bookmark entry point, and then destroyed his ship on ghost site ;( EvE-Scout rescued my pod in matter of 15 minutes! Good luck to the team, great job!

Edmund Isu  rescued on YC121-Nov-13
I don't think I can express how much I love what EvE-Scout does. I was in the midst of getting evicted and managed to get stuck without a ship fitted with probes. My T1 hauler with probes got ganked on my way out. From start to finish the whole process was as pleasant as it could have been. I really liked the public Discord for lost travellers. The pilot who helped me was friendly and prompt. We have a rescue cache in our new home as well and I will say I feel much better getting to see it on d-scan. A friendly reminder in a lost corner of space. Its corporations like EvE-Scout that help to fill in the gaps left by the sandbox environment of the game and provide a real sense of community. I forgot to mention how much I liked the party favors in the cache, a high point of the night! Thanks for all that you and your corp do for EVE. We would all be lost otherwise!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC121-Nov-12
Rolled my rolling carrier into a very unfriendly WH. The quick response of EvE-Scout saved my capital from being victim to my stupid mistake and managed to get her home in one piece! 10/10 customer service! 10/10 quick response! 10/10 would recommend to a friend!

Perra Hekki  rescued on YC121-Nov-12
I was stuck in a WH due to stupid me that forgot to recall my probes before logging out. Thanks to EvE-Scout I was able to find a rescue cache, and me and my Loki made it out safe into HS again. THANKS ALOT! <3

Maraldor  rescued on YC121-Oct-03
I have been trapped in a wormhole, unlucky, no probes, no scanner. Rescue 911 helped within 15 min with a container of probes and a scanner. Awesome :)

Praetor Sheael  rescued on YC121-Oct-01
Jumped into WH space and the wormhole closed up behind me. Did the Rescue 911 and was contacted in-game in less than 5 minutes. Another member of the Rescue team was able to jump in to the system, fleet me up, and get me out. What an awesome service and what fantastic people!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC121-Sep-21
Upon contacting EvE Scout Rescue and going on their Discord they quickly reassured me I'd be helped, although a little confusion made it take a little longer, I was soon helped out by a friendly rescuer Xalyar, we had a great chat and I was given the cache password and got on my merry way out of the wormhole. 10/10 Would recommend and use again. Thank you.

Badlooking  rescued on YC121-Aug-26
This service saved a lot of money and time for me!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC121-Aug-26
After losing my probes due to downtime, I was stranded in a wormhole. I contacted EvE-Scout Rescue and within five minutes I had directions to a cache that allowed me to escape the hole I was trapped in. EvE Scout really helped me out a lot. Super useful service and extremely efficient. Thank you so much for helping out!

Kiervek  rescued on YC121-Aug-25
Thank you!!! One of my first ventures into a wormhole, and lost my ship and probes after forgetting to bookmark the exit. These guys were fast to the search and rescue, it was amazing! I was afraid I'd lose a lot of money in implants (well not too much, only level 2's as I'm new) but these guys were great!! Thank you all!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC121-Aug-07
I just returned from afk a month ago, my corp member invited me back to the wormhole. When I drove my most expensive ship with my loot through a C4, the wormhole leading to the home was closed. I was trapped in that C4. I was thinking that I might die here, but my friend told me why you didn't contact EvE-Scout, they helped any player trapped in the wormhole? So I immediately went to their channel for help. In 5 minutes they contacted me, confirmed my status and began to organize rescue, and finally found me. So if you need help, don't hesitate, they are the only good people in EVE.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC121-Jul-17
I've been playing EVE since 2008. I've never had any real dealings with EvE-Scout, nor have I ever needed to. I helped a friend evict a C1 WH and he gave me the ship to do it, that ship lacking a probe launcher and probes. Didn't think a thing about it, helped him bash, logged off. Came back a week later to find it was HIM that had been evicted, and there I am with a Nestor and no way out. EvE-Scout responded in less than five minutes, and I was out in the hole in half an hour. Donated what I could, went on about my day and now will support EvE-scout any way I can moving forward. Thanks again, flysafe. o7

Lincoln Paaltomo  rescued on YC121-Jul-16
As a new member of the EvE community, I realize the learning curve and I have much to learn. Having just completed the exploration career path I had to play around with it. After finding a wormhole in highsec and getting curious, I was very quickly defeated by nullsec pirates. Completely lost, I asked my alliance members what to do and someone sent the link to EvE-Scout SAR. After calling 911 rescue, I had a response in minutes and rescue was on the way! I cannot thank EvE-Scout SAR enough for their assistance and eagerness to not only get me to safety but provide tips, tricks, and friendly conversation. Most specifically Triffton Ambraelle for their sitreps and patience with me; as well as Aliza Kootz for their rapid response, understanding of my ignorance, and time. To all who dedicate their clones for the safety of others, thank you.

Gunner GzR  rescued on YC121-Jul-14
Had a weird day. Wormholes had been acting weird and I jumped a carrier into a c5 with a static 4 on a fresh hole. It collapsed on the way in much to my surprise. 'Tis ok our scout is in here with me... huh? What! you jumped back!!! Oh great now i got scan in a dang capitol in a c5 with a static 4 this should be fun. Open Fleet hanger my stuck kit is not there... Trapped alone is space what is one to do. We tried rolling our static for days and over 300 systems with no luck. Decided to contact Eve Scout and send a 911 out. They quickly get back to me after I submitted the stuck report on the web site. Took about a week I think of them scanning to finally find my c5 that was lost in time and space. They got me out to null the next day and did not want isk for it. I sent them a reward anyway. Everything was handled professionally and i was kept informed as things progressed. Thanks again for the rescue

Damien Malik  rescued on YC121-Jul-10
I've had to get the help of the Eve Scout Rescue twice in the past week, but they helped me save my little noob Probe ship with relative ease. The only problem was my own inability to find the container. As far as I can tell, they cover a very large amount of the Eve unknown areas and are invaluable to me and, undoubtedly, to countless other Eve explorers. When I asked for help, both times I was quickly answered with straightforward directions and even gave extra tips on mechanics to help me find the container. I truly appreciate everything this corporation does and stands for.

Harambe Killer  rescued on YC121-Jul-09
Really great team and awesome people. Saved me within two days after coming back to the game and realizing my wormhole home was gone.

Scorner Erata  rescued on YC121-Jul-09
I had to log off for a family event, and when I came back to the wormhole with no probes. My rescuer explained how to find a rescue cache, and stayed with me until I was out. This was one of the coolest experiences of my Eve piloting career!

Jeff Dreemur  rescued on YC121-Jul-02
My Rescuer was Dagmar Maulerant. I was lucky enough to save the entrance wormhole for some reason, so the rescue was rather straightforward. Dagmar taught me a nice strategy to avoid getting discovered by creating bookmarks in unmarked space, after the rescue we talked for a good hour or two about various topics (mostly Undertale, when they noticed my name). Not only was I rescued, but i had a deep conversation, some theorizing, and all around was amazed that a company like this can exist in a game. This showed me just how complex New Eden is. If I were asked, I would ride into battle with what little firepower I have to defend this corporation should it ever be under threat.

Vinnegar Douche  rescued on YC121-Jun-17
Our mistake was common. We didn't fit scan probes to our haulers and protection ships. Someone thought ahead and carried a depot but not all thinking is complete and additional scan probes were left behind. What started out as a simple poco delivery mission ended with the death of our scouts and the loss of any means of exit from J160753. Luckily, the most valuable ships and cargo were able to get hidden and avoid the murderous pirates that attacked us. We waited for the smoke to clear and then made a call to the Signal Cartel. Immediately Shaya Cholmondeley came to our aid and with a cheerful attitude helped direct a noob scout in the art of the bounce method. With some missteps the cache was found, the password provided and the probes extracted. Luckily there was also a bottle of spirits to help us take the edge off our misadventure. We were able to rescue over 1 billion ISK worth of ships and cargo thanks to the help of Signal Cartel Thanks Eve Scouts! Much love from the Undocumented Immigrants!

Anerian 1371  rescued on YC121-Jun-14
I was not aware of this group until one day I logged in in a wormhole only to discover I forgot to dock my probes the previous night. I'd scanned around, saw a rescue cache with their info on it, and contacted them. One of their members got in touch with me in less than five minutes and walked me through getting to their cache. Absolute 100% professionalism and support, these guys rescued me.

Crach Adoulin  rescued on YC121-Jun-11
They are greatest team ever! They are doing a very good job for the community and they are very good at that. They have rescue caches all around the unknown universe. I love these guys!

kaylan Samms  rescued on YC121-Jun-09
I cannot stress enough how grateful I am to this group of individuals. While rolling a wormhole i got trapped inside, problem is I was in a capital. After sending the S.O.S I was quickly contacted and the search began. The friendliness and professionalism portrayed was refreshing in what could of been a terrible experience for me. After a short period my wormhole was located and an exit promptly found. I genuinely recommend their services for anyone in a similar situation, Definitely the type of pilots New Eden needs.

Alex OTMOPO3oK  rescued on YC121-May-27
I tried use the rescue cache, but my 911 agent was faster than me and we just warped to tge hisec wormhole. =) Клиент крашнулся, запасных пробок нет. Ребята нашли меня за 10 минут и мы флитварпнули в хайсек вх =) Respect and my big thanks! 0/ Респект и уважуха 0/

Philip Boorington  rescued on YC121-May-21
And you thought getting lost was the worst that could happen. Think again. Today, I was exploring some wormholes I found after getting tired of 0.1 isking in Jita. Got some decent loot from a few relic sites but nothing flashy. Suddenly, I get jumped by a Loki. While I do managed to get away, I logged out and forgot my probes. After finding out about Signal Cartel, I submitted a ticket, and got convo'ed two minutes later. Then I discovered the bouncing method, and the secret rescue cache. How exciting that was. This corp is doing such fantastic work. I'm even thinking about applying.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC121-May-08
One day, I was mining in wormhole space. Halfway through, I realised I had forgotten to bookmark the wormhole. I had no means of scanning (my scanning frigate and mining frigate are separate). When I realised that, I didn't panic. The reason? Its simple, I am a rookie so I keep messing with tiny features. That included directional scan. I had once used it to in wormhole space and it revealed a container about EvE-Scout. Knowing about this service, I stayed calm. I followed all the steps given and I was out within 15 minutes! Possibly less! The time would have been even less had their been a station with fitting service. The funny thing they told me it would take more time for someone to arrive to help me. I guess even they haven't had the chance to realise how good they have become.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC121-May-07
I made basic mistake of leaving my probes out when daily reboot came and they were gone... For my luck there was a Rescue Cache in the system where I was and I got help very fast. Longest time of the whole procedure was for me to learn the bounce method, but after that everything worked out beautifully.

Crach Adoulin  rescued on YC121-May-03
Well... Forgetting to call your probes back is a bad thing. You can be stuck in a wormhole with nothing. Thanks to EvE-Scout, I could get out from that wormhole. They contacted me just two minutes after I called them. They are amazing and very patient while helping you. They are the finest group in the entire game. I love you folks!

Bailey Stanton  rescued on YC121-May-03
I'm new to wormholes and stupidly went in without a probe launcher! I was stuck in an unknown system with no way to get back to my home system. I didn't know what to do and contemplated self-destructing but happened to find the rescue cache. It instructed me to call Rescue 911 and within a few minutes I was in contact with the rescue team and was back to my home in about 10 minutes. Learned to never leave home without a probe launcher, probes and a mobile dock! I highly recommend calling if you are ever in trouble in a wormhole.

Havoquisha  rescued on YC121-Apr-27
It was my second day exploring, and I thought it was a good idea to switch ships to a fighting one so I could clear the sites for my exploring ship. How foolish of me. The wormhole I used to get there disappearead and I got stuck in an unknown WH for days, and the only thing holding me back from self destructing my ship was hope. Seriously guys, never lose your hope. Because I got saved by EvE-Scouts!!! I have no idea how they found me, but they did. The rescue operation was a huge success, and I got back home safe and sound, and avoided over 120m loss between ship, implants and loot. I just can't find better words to express my gratitude, but THANKS. Keep up the good work, this really renewed my faith in humanity.

ScubaFunatic  rescued on YC121-Apr-24
So I entered wormhole J164130 after checking size and stability of wormhole. It seemed OK and stable. I was using my main avatar "ScubaFunatic" in a fully equipped "Buzzard" which I have used many times before for scouting and scanning down sites relic and data. Now of course, the Buzzard can not take on the guards of these site so after scanning and bookmarking all the sites in J164130 I went back to my Hi-Sec station where I fetched my battleship, a "Raven Navy issue" outfitted for battle, but not, unfortunately, for scanning.... I finished the battles quickly in all the relic and data site and then wanted to return and fetch my Buzzard again to complete the relic and data hacks. I warped back to my bookmarked wormhole entrance and...... IT WAS GONE!! The wormhole had collapsed possibly because of the size of the Battleship or it was used more than I thought. Now what? As you can imagine I did not want to abandon the Raven Navy Issue as it is about 500m ISK and my avatar has a head full of implants. I did not have a probe launcher and probes fitted to the Raven. I did however use the normal scanner to try and see if that might work in locating something and as it happens I found the "Rescue Cache" left by Eve Scout Rescue. I quickly searched on google and came to the Eve Scout Rescue site where I learned of the "Eve-Scout" channel (which is now permanent in my chat channels) and I submitted a Search and Rescue request. Within half an hour one of the members contacted me on my Alt and we started the process of getting my Main rescued. The next morning, I was contacted by one of the members from "Signal Cartel" saying that they have found the wormhole I was in and could help me get out. It did not take long and I was warping in my Raven to an Exit wormhole and back home safe.... Thank you Signal Cartel and Thank you Eve Scout Rescue for saving my head and my ship.. ScubaFunatic PS: I now carry a "Mobile Depot" in every ship I fly with so I can do "on-the-fly" refits including Probe launchers and scanners" :-)

Russell Mathew  rescued on YC121-Apr-23
Your service was absolutely amazing. It gives one hope for game play here at EVE. I was new to EVE and wormholes. I got killed with only my pod and no waypoints out ... didn't even know that i would need one. I discovered that i was most definitely stuck and could not get to my NPC home base with a warp or to Jita. Researching my predicament online revealed your services. Your guys were quick. I got a response in less than a minute. A communication got someone near the wormhole to enter and get me out. It all went down in about 10 minutes. It was simply amazing. I did not have to lose my valuable implants. I am forever in your guys debt and will be happy to mention it to others.

Alita Diasuke  rescued on YC121-Apr-23
The whole stranded in space thing really made the game seem just so much more real to me, and the fact you were literally on your own if you got lost. The fact that there are people who do this is awesome in itself, and the guy who helped me was very polite and kind. He gave me an explanation of why I was lost, and what I could do in the future to prevent this from happening again and since then it hasn't, and I've been wormhole spelunking ever since thanks to his advice lol.

Divinorum  rescued on YC121-Mar-23
You folks are the absolute finest group of fanatical ascetics ever to grace the face of New Eden and it truly produces pangs of regret and sorrow in my black heart that our only meetings are glimpses down the chain or rescues such as this. I solemnly swear on my last Proteus wreck that, should I ever seek peace and love for mankind, that I will do so under the benevolent auspice of the EVE Scouts. Vive Signal Cartel! Praise bob~!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC121-Mar-22
I'm pretty new to the game and really insisted on learning how to finding the Cache. I am really grateful I found it and could open a WH to High Sec. Thank you guys for the help. Without it i wouldn't have got home with my 200 mil cargo.

Julian Steward  rescued on YC121-Mar-13
I got my stuck rolling a hole after i stupidly forgot a probe launcher. I hit the rescue 911 and was contacted in about 10 minutes. In another 10 minutes I was out of the wormhole. Incredible service. Highly recommend.

Kalodote Lafisques  rescued on YC121-Mar-08
I was lost in the unknown spaces in a typical stupid way: I took a ship with scanner probes to partially scan two solar systems (Known space -> Unknown -> Unknown) to return in those worlds with a miner without probe scanner, starting to mine very rare resources. Suddently I found out that the wormhole where I entered closed behind me in minutes and there weren't other wormholes available to escape. I immediately asked for help in the Help channels and in different communities and some of them said "Kill yourself" or "Call the Eve-Scout". Despite my cargo not being actually precious for an average EVE player I chose the second one, even tough they said me that they could come to take up to a month. Instead it was just two days! This company deserves all the money I sent him after the rescue as donation. Keep up the good work!

Zenoninus  rescued on YC121-Mar-08
I made a big mistake. Jumped into J125029 without scanning equipment and the wormhole closed after the jump. I saw a container with writing from EvE-Scout Rescue. I had nothing to lose. I destroy myself or I ask for rescue. After I sent a notification on a page for help just five minutes later the answer came. That was really fast. I got mail in the game from EvE-Scout Rescue. I had to wait for my rescue and trust the team. It was a good choice. After 2 days I got a mail that 4-5 pilots were already in my system and ready for the rescue. Respect for the EvE-Scout Rescue team. Good players and help only for good intentions. We need more players like them. Fly Safe you all.

CrazyDesigner  rescued on YC121-Mar-02
Большое спасибо друзья. Был искренне удивлен, что есть такие хорошие люди. Many thanks friends. I was genuinely surprised that there are such good people.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC121-Mar-02
I was just rescued and they were so helpful. They saved my venture and me from having to kill myself!!! 11/10

Saven Aideron  rescued on YC121-Feb-26
I wound up in a wormhole with no probes. I saw the EvE-Scout rescue cache and looked it up online. I received a response immediately with detailed instructions on what to do. I had to log off before I could figure it out but when I came back another person was available and helped me open the container. It was a really cool experience. I have also used to technique I learned to make safe spots. Thanks EvE-Scout!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC121-Feb-12
I would like to thank the EVE Scout Rescue. They helped me enthusiastically with very quick response. Their job is meaningful to the world and effect people. Thanks a lot.

Mercy de Beers  rescued on YC121-Feb-05
Being a Rookie pilot, I was up and about learning the game with absolutely no concerns for probes, or no concerns due to none being highlighted. After discovering Jspace and whatnot, it was extremely fun and I spent a lot of time there but ended up requiring to log out. I ended up losing all of my probes (as many rookie pilots would) and ended up logging on to being stranded and having no way to find a warp home. I was lucky enough to be in the vicinity of a EveScout cache and contacted the channel. I was helped immediately with guidance from the members who pointed me in the right direction to process the request and informed me of everything I needed to do to find the cache (I ended up being able to do this within a few passes on my first attempt, I was a bit sad to hear that I wasn't one of the quickest as some other pilot ended up finding it on his first pass - lucky - but hey that was fun to learn!) and soon after, I was with probes once more! I found the exit and made my way to the nearest station to replace the probes I borrowed and locked them back up! This was an awesome experience and it would be a shame that this service disappears - anything can happen in space and having some kind souls offering a business to help those stranded, is invaluable to any pilot, rookie or veteran alike. Thumbs up! Here's hoping our paths cross again, but on better circumstances!

Briar Thiesant  rescued on YC121-Jan-30
Tonight I made a very stupid mistake. I thought I would try my hand at 0sec mining in a wormhole. I located the wormhole and then changed the probe launcher out for another mining laser. Made sense at the time... faster mining = less time in the danger zone. Unfortunately, after I went through the wormhole I forgot to mark it's location and went off exploring. Pretty soon I realised that I was lost and almost gave up when I found the ESR message. Your group is now my favourite group! Someone responded immediately to my SOS and I was directed to the wormhole within a few minutes! I cannot praise ESR enough! You weren't looking for a donation, but you saved my a bucket load of ISK to refit the ship I would have lost for sure! Awesome group that looks to help players, not just destroy ships! You guys and girls ROCK!

pivowarsuk  rescued on YC121-Jan-22
Спасибо ребятам, очень помогли в безвыходной ситуации. -- Thanks guys, really helped in a hopeless situation.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC121-Jan-07
The pilots were awesome! Super professional and they found me in only 3 days, I was completely floored.

Igniz Novagelik  rescued on YC120-Dec-25
I'm really grateful of what EvE-Scout rescue has done for me. As a newbie lost in a wormhole I didn't know what to do, many people in my corp channel just mocked me and wished me good luck without any hint of what to do. When I found out about Signal Cartel, I joined their channel and they contacted me very soon. They were very kind giving me instructions of what to do. People will tell you to self-destruct first. Losing your ship, your cargo (ore, gas, ice), your implants! But Signal Cartel will tell you what to do in order to get rescued. The wait time for them to find me it was less than a day, I really appreciate the effort in this and thank you!

Tars Udan  rescued on YC120-Dec-20
After a few days of inactivity, I reconnected on my exploratory ship, and I was very surprised to see that I had forgotten it in a wormhole, but especially that my probes had totally disappeared, and I couldn’t reconnect with them either. So I was completely lost and also blocked, because my bookmarks indicating the exit had expired, and the wormholes had changed places. Fortunately, in sending an emergency message on the incursion channel, someone advised me to place an emergency signal on a site owned by the EvE-Scout Alliance. A few minutes later, a player contacted me and helped me to locate a secret container containing probes in the wormhole where I was. I was sincerely impressed by this player who was friendly, very kind, patient, and whose only goal was to see me get out of this problem, plus volunteer! Frankly impressive.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Dec-17
Within 1 hour a person helped me get to the cache. Really helped me. I would have been stranded there for months if not for them.

BHY4EK CTAJIUHA  rescued on YC120-Dec-13
It was very interesting and informative, especially the search for a container in space using bookmark. Since I don't understand English very well, because my native language is Russian, it was a bit difficult for me to understand how to search for a container, but thanks to an EvE Scout pilot, who explained it to me in more detail, for which I thank him very much.

Sergeus Mag  rescued on YC120-Dec-07
Одно из немногих реально достойных занятий существующих в eve. Благодарю за то что вы есть. И продолжаете свою деятельность. - One of the few really worthy occupations existing in eve. Thank you for being there. And you continue your activities.

el pavor jefe  rescued on YC120-Nov-17
Thanks again. I'm kinda new and got stuck in a Wormhole due to losing my probes in the reset. Within 10 minutes, they saved me and gave me advice on how to be safe in wormholes.

Jadan Khan  rescued on YC120-Nov-14
Many thanks. Your pilots were incredible. I'm always watching EvE-Scout, just in case I'm in a position to help. Again, thanks :)

FeMalogalotalotim  rescued on YC120-Nov-05
I would like to express my gratitude to EvE-Scout alliance. EvE-Scout are using a really friendly protocol regarding wormholes, which lets people who are stuck without scanning equipment to exit from W-space to K-space. I have been stuck in expensive ships (more than 7 bil worth) in a wormhole and, following the procedure, after 1 hour I got scanning equipment which let me extract the expensive assets to normal space. Response to my problem was really well organized and highly competent, which let us make it quick and easy even if I was not familiar with the whole procedure in detail. I would recommend to people who love to explore to keep in good relation with EvE-Scout alliance. As for myself, I would consider them as a personal friendly alliance, regardless of the alliance standings, FeMalogalotalotim, CEO of Stellae Renascitur

Jeffe Crood  rescued on YC120-Oct-22
One of the most helpful services provided by other EVE players. Barely starting, so this was super cool to me. Thanks for the help!

Harzan Askulf  rescued on YC120-Oct-22
Went into a hole I had scanned down without a probe launcher and my exit hole collapsed. I had a response from SAR within minutes and was out in less than an hour. Awesome service!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Oct-22
It all started when I logged out with my probes still in wormhole space, and I forgot to bookmark the wormholes. Thanks to EvE-Scout Rescue for providing the instructions to help me find my way back to hi sec. Thanks again!!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Oct-14
Very useful and super fast rescue. Lot of thanks, guys. You are my hero of the day. Extra fast -- approx 10 minutes -- and cache was exactly where you said. Just what I needed, and very efficiently!!! Thx again for your help.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Oct-08
Brand new to the game. Jumped through an unstable wormhole, got my ship blown up, and then realized I'd forgotten to bookmark the exit. No one I knew was online, but if I didn't find someone to help me out soon, the known entrance would collapse and I'd be in even worse trouble. Fortunately I'd heard about EvE-Scout, and after my distress call I was free in under an hour. The pilot who helped was super friendly and made me feel better about my noob mistakes. 10/10, if I ever need rescued again, I know who to call.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Oct-04
Got rolled out without a depot or a probe launcher. By luck I found a friendly empty Astrahus so I could refit my ship. I contacted EvE-Scout and they directed me to the cache in my WH so I could get the probe launcher I needed. Saved me over half a billion from self destructing!

Tiger Venn Ronuken  rescued on YC120-Oct-04
After a long day of roaming far from home, I was on my way home in a Keres as one of the few survivors. My group had a shortcut scanned through a drifter wormhole, and I contacted the resident scanner to see if he could guide me through. He confirmed, and I headed towards it. However, by the time I reached it, and waited out the drifters who were camping the entrance, he had fallen asleep! While I waited for my scout buddy to wake up and save me, I killed the time by finding the rescue cache I saw on d-scan. I had a mobile depot on my cargo by coincidence, so I figured I'd ask Signal Cartel for its password. This was a huge relief to me as I had already stayed up much longer than I planned, so a quick way home was a big deal to me. The scanner buddy woke up just as I was reaching my home system. Big thanks to Signal Cartel for keeping these up - they put in a huge amount of work and expect no compensation. I always had them set to blue while I lived in j-space, and I try to mention them whenever a newbro is asking about exploration on reddit. Cheers!

Redd Solo  rescued on YC120-Oct-03
When I got stuck in a WH from my own absentmindedness, I had no idea how to get out and I didn't want to self destruct. I asked for help on the Wormhole Channel and they quickly referred me to the EvE-Scout channel. I went there and asked if they were able to assist with Wormhole rescues. Within five minutes I had someone talking to me and heading over. These guys are like the AAA of EvE! Didn't even know these kind of service existed until I needed it! Definitely useful in a tight bind.

Harret en Bauldry  rescued on YC120-Sep-19
They said they would find me, and they found me! Patiently waiting paid off. They not only scanned my WH down in a few days, they also shared how to survive while I was out there. They are no joke. Coast Guard of New Eden? Maybe, Cool team and service!

Stella Anneto  rescued on YC120-Aug-19
About a month ago I, as a new pilot, joined EvE-Scout. I jumped right into the WH chain. I scanned, hacked, and analyzed like crazy. Then suddenly I jumped through another WH and was needed IRL. When I came back to EvE, I noticed I didn't have any probes on me and suddenly realised I had forgotten to recall them. And I felt really stupid as a scout to have forgotten to take a spare set with me. At that moment I realised I was in a system with a rescue cache. I looked for the cache and rapidly found it where it was supposed to be. I took the probes and scanned my way out. Now I am a really dedicated scout who always will carry spare sets of probes, and I am sowing and tending caches everywhere I go. I hope we will be able to help you if you are stuck. We will do our very best to do so. To all of you Fly safe and cu in J space Stella Anneto EvE Scout Signing off

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Jul-25
I thank Signal Cartel for the quick help. Everything was clearly shown and explained. 1000 thanks to the EvE-Scout Rescue Agent, who has given my expensive ship a speedy rescue from the wormhole.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Jul-17
The EvE-Scout Rescue agent who helped me was great. Pointed me to the instructions to get to the cache, and helped me out of a jam. Cache was right where it was supposed to be, contained everything I needed, and was replenished when I got myself sorted out. This is my home wormhole and I learned a good lesson about always having a ship that can scan. Won’t be making that mistake again (stocked up on half a dozen scanning frigs and flew them in)! This saved me from having to self destruct and lose my system. Thanks so much!

Lee H Kalkoken  rescued on YC120-Jul-11
Was stuck in a C4 with a Venture full of gas. Was saved quickly and the rescuer was extremely nice. :)

Soonji Bertaan  rescued on YC120-Jul-10
July 7th started off as any normal day for me. It was another day of exploring WS space, scanning down relic and data sites, and hacking containers. However, I was wandering around J00593 when I suddenly had to log off without having time to warp back out. I was only gone a few hours, so I was fairly sure my exit wormhole would hold until then. Alas, when I logged back on and warped to my bookmarked location for the exit wormhole...there was nothing there! Now, this would not be a problem by itself...if I had not forgotten to recall my probes before I logged off. So here I was, stuck in wormhole space, my exit gone, and with my probes lost, no way to find another exit. I was trapped. It was a dilemma I had never faced before, and I was just about resigned to self destructing my Heron and respawning at my home station when someone in the rookie help channel suggested contacting the EvE-Scout Rescue channel. Now, I had never heard of this organization, so I was doubtful they could get me out of my situation. I was very pleasantly surprised when an EvE-Scout Rescue Agent contacted me directly only a few minutes after I sent out a distress signal to ESR. He was very professional, friendly, and genuinely seemed to care about me getting safely out of the wormhole. He walked me through the method of pinpointing the rescue cache in the system, and with his help, I was able to find my way back home. I'm very glad I heard about ESR, as from my personal experience, they seem to be made up of truly caring and selfless people who are willing to take time to help those in need.

Dilly Dilly Motsu  rescued on YC120-Jul-09
Rescue 911 was great! I had a disconnect and couldn't reconnect to my probes. The ESR staff was very patient walking me through getting to a rescue cache. They responded very quickly. It's a great project that does a great service to all in EVE!

Jurchik82  rescued on YC120-Jul-02
I want to thank EvE-Scout Rescue for their responsiveness and help to me in my great sorrow. I was rolling a hole closed with a Thanatos and get trapped inside J155311. I thought this was the end, but I was advised to contact your alliance for help. I sent a query to 911, and soon had a response. Because of the difference in our native languages (I am a Russian speaker), the EvE-Scout Rescue agent redirected me to a Russian-speaker in their alliance. He helped me find the rescue cache in the system. After being trapped for two days, today I smiled happily, as I was finally able to get home. Once again, I want to thank you for the fact that there is such an alliance as yours and for the good you guys are doing.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Jun-25
ESR saved me! I logged off in a wormhole and the next day all of my bookmarked wormholes were either rolled or disappeared. I tried to scan my way out, only to find that I didn't have any probes on me. I contacted ESR and I was promptly given the security code for the cache in my system. I scanned my way out and returned the probes (but I kept the "Quafe" as a souvenir). I donated 20 mil. for their services. 10/10 :P Thanks again!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Jun-21
The lowsec static collapsed right in front of my eyes and my return wormhole was gone, literally 5 minutes after jumping though it for the first time. I am grateful for EvE-Scout's help, as without it self-destructing would have been very costly. The EvE-Scout Agent was very helpful and patient.

Banh Do-Trang  rescued on YC120-Jun-03
Despite the respectable age of the pilot, I have not played actively for very long. And, while I am a frequent guest in wh-systems, I quite often make mistakes, as I did this time... Having scanned down the next wh-system, I began to probe what secrets were concealed by this corner of the Infinite Universe. Having only two bookmarked exits, one leading to the previous system through which I had come from low-sec, and the other to the next, not-yet-visited wh-system, I noticed an abandoned MTU on d-scan and decided that I needed it more than the Sleepers drifting nearby. The first attempt was unsuccessful. I had to return through the holes to k-space and fit a tankier ship. Now I needed to pull out both the contents of MTU and the remains of my Magnate which were safely stowed in it. Operating a thick-skinned Punisher, competently placing bookmarks and dragging the Sleepers far away from the MTU, I succeeded to reach it after three or four approaches. But when my Punisher with its full hold returned to the bookmarked exit from the system, there was nothing but the bookmark. I thought: "There's no escape!" All my efforts to exit the system were in vain. I'd spent too much time to get the MTU, and the WH had reached the end of its natural lifetime. The second scanned down WH was of no use. I could enter it, I could bookmark the other side -- but nothing else in a Punisher with no Probe Launcher fitted. Then I remembered the secure containers I'd seen earlier in WHs with a message giving hope for rescue. A few seconds after my help request in the EVE-Scout channel, and a brave capsuleer - a member of Signal Cartel - guided me to the rescue cache, as I informed him I was a pilot of a ship and - what rare luck! - had a Mobile Depot in my hold. Thanks to the contents of the cache, I was out in no time! After several hours of exploration in the next systems of k-space, I have returned with a gift for you, my future unlucky fellow traveler: a pack of shiny Core Probes, three Probe Launchers, Tobacco, and a group of Exotic Dancers. I hope you can use them before they spoil!

Chairman Tyranicus  rescued on YC120-Jun-02
Before DT I had scouted a farming hole and rolled its out-going connections with the intent of farming it after DT. Logged on and didn't check the hole as it was unmassed and not EOL before DT. After jumping two Nestors in, the hole closed behind me. I got that instant sinking feeling as I realized I had no probe launcher on either ship and no way to get out. A corp mate asked me if there was a rescue can in system, which I had never heard of. Thankfully there was. Within minutes of making an "I need help" request, I was talking to an EvE-Scout agent who talked me through finding the cache. I got both ships safely back to K-Space. You guys are truly amazing and made my derp into a very positive experience.

Teneberous Bran  rescued on YC120-May-31
The rescue cache in my system was very hard to find, but the person assigned to me was very patient. They called me on Mumble and talked me through the process for an hour until we finally found it. EvE Scout Rescue is the bomb!

Artorias Yin  rescued on YC120-May-28
You guys were a great help! I can't remember the exact scout who helped me, but he did an amazing job. It was my first time getting stuck in a wormhole, and he got me out using the jump/bookmark guide. This is an awesome service!

Rekt Kumamato  rescued on YC120-May-28
After downtime my probes disappeared from space. I petitioned CCP to get them back but did not receive a timely reply. I found your rescue cache in open space on d-scan and joined the EvE-Scout channel. CCP GM answered me in like one day, but your rescue team helped me in about 15 minutes. Thanks a lot.

Sangwyn  rescued on YC120-May-27
100 per cent eternal gratitude here: I had very nearly given up hope and was trying to get up the nerve to self destruct when I saw mention of your service, so I gave it a shot. One of your awesome rescue scouts got in touch within minutes, and talked me through the location process. (My first ever attempt at 'bouncing'!) Their patience was much appreciated, and eventually rewarded. Consider me a fan for life. (Real life, not these disposable Eve Online lives, which have a far lower innate value!)

Diolo en Divalone  rescued on YC120-May-13
I wish to thank you and your intrepid explorers for an excellent and timely service. My experience goes to show that even long term residents of Anoikis can forget the basics. When I realized the wormhole back home had collapsed and that I had not brought equipment to scan myself out, I thought the days of my ship and crew were numbered. But thanks to your valiant effort, I was rescued not more than half a day later. I will always be in your debt.

LyfeSaviour  rescued on YC120-May-03
Well it all happened on a cold dark morning, I had jumped into what i thought was a good C5 WH to do a little bit of site crabbing. After spending about 15 min scouting out the place i noticed it was safe to get my crab on. Out of disbelief I warped back to the hole and *poof* it was gone. Did a little crying, then asked my corp what should I do? A great man named Hobar told me about this amazing group called EvE-Scout!!! So here I am back home safe and sound thanks to this great group of pilots!! Fly Safe and Thank You!!!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Apr-18
I lost my probes after downtime and with Dscan I could find your rescue cache. Sent message to EvE-scout channel and got help! It was so fast! I thought i would have to suicide, but no, I could get out of WH to highsec easily! Thank you so much!

Malagong Karagalan  rescued on YC120-Apr-14
Thank you again for getting me out of the hole. The service was AWESOME and faster then anybody could hope for. The 911 function on your web site is beyond anything I have ever seen in a game of any kind and it's great. I hope the little "thank you" gift paid for some of your time. I will tell some pirates not to shoot Signal Cartel, but no promises. We are who we are.

Cmdr PloKoon  rescued on YC120-Apr-09
I am very happy with the service received from EvE-Scout. Fast, friendly, and efficient! 10/10 Would use again. Less than 24 hours and I was located and free from being trapped in a wormhole. Ship and pod saved! These guys are helpful and professional throughout the process, plus the web site rocks!

Christy Cloud  rescued on YC120-Apr-08
Entering a wormhole, and seeing it collapse behind you is one thing. Entering a wormhole, seeing it collapse behind you whilst you have no probes is quite another. Add to that situation the super implants in your head and you've got a problem. The option of pod express loomed, but Signal Cartel were able to save my pod and my dignity.

Ganner Rhyysode  rescued on YC120-Apr-03
I was stranded in a wormhole with no probes and no hope of getting out. Someone recommended I reach out to the gentlemen in Eve-Scout. I asked for help in their public chat and was instantly greeted by their helpful pilots. I wasn't in a hole they had scanned down that day so they sent me a mail saying they had opened up a ticket for me. A few days later I was guided to freedom by one of their polite pilots! 10/10 Would get lost again.

Stevo Powell  rescued on YC120-Mar-22
Quite honestly there is nothing I can think of that could have been better about that rescue cache.

CollectionBe  rescued on YC120-Mar-18
Once again I thank for my salvation. I sent a donation to "EvE-Scout" in a gratitude for your activities. You are doing a good job. Good luck to you.

Johnny Rafael Castro  rescued on YC120-Mar-13
I was stranded in WH Space a couple days ago. Being a complete noob I lost all my probes with no way to reconnect, on a brand new ship i saved the ISK for... 70m is not much for somebody with experience, but I only have about a month playing. The only option I knew to get back to my station was to self destruct and lose my brand new ship. I asked for help on my corp comms, but nobody was close and I didn't have anybody else to ask for help. A friend I found in another WH advised me to try to reach out to EvE-Scout. I didn't even knew they existed. About 2 or 3 mins after I asked for help in the EvE-Scout channel somebody contacted me and guided me to a rescue cache. You're like the WH Red Cross for me now.

Brondar Artrald  rescued on YC120-Mar-11
I cannot put into words how much I appreciate the services provided by EvE-Scout. The service was timely, friendly, and considerate. In a game where newbros like myself are occasionally singled out for ridicule or harassment, I deeply appreciated the respectful professionalism demonstrated by your pilot. Like many new capsuleers before me, I made a series of errors in judgment that cost me a ship, and your teams commitment to SAR ops allowed me to salvage at least something from that debacle. Thanks again to all of your fine organization.

Tyrranar  rescued on YC120-Mar-09
I will gladly share about my positive surprise when I found out that something like EvE-Scout channel and your corp exists. Your rescue agent was most helpful by telling me where the cache was. I am still quite a noob in EvE, but considering the general hostile environment in WH/NS space, I really did not expect anyone would be willing to help me. The agent also told me that EvE-Scout and Signal Cartel have almost 60% of WH space covered by their caches, which is an outstanding achievement. I returned the probes when I managed to BM my way out of the WH.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Mar-06
Because of changes to citadels and my sporadic game play style, I recently found myself floating in space in my site-running ship without any way to scan my way out or into my home in wormhole space. However, having once been a member of the ever-helpful Signal Cartel and having a mobile depot onboard, I knew there was hope if I could just get to the rescue cache I had seen on D-Scan many times before. After issuing my call for help in the EvE-Scout public channel, I was quickly convo'd by a new and helpful agent of Signal Cartel. I was reassured and talked through the process until I was safely sitting in high security space. Though situations that arise in New Eden are often unique, rest assured that Signal Cartel and the Eve-Scout organization are doing what they can to make it a more enjoyable experience for all.

Milena Catarige  rescued on YC120-Mar-05
My experience was wonderful. At first I was a little concerned contacting your corp when I found the container, so I stayed cloaked the majority of the time. But your pilot was very quick to respond and helpful throughout the experience. I was thankful to get out of there, and I owe you all a debt of gratitude.

Claxula Nabali  rescued on YC120-Mar-03
Thank you very much! The rescue was a great experience, and I am so glad to know that an organization is around like ya'll, especially as a newbie!

Ragthor Dimen  rescued on YC120-Mar-01
Thank you and your team for doing such a great job! In my case I was lost in space because of a bluescreen during my drones' operation. You definitively made my day!

Malan  rescued on YC120-Feb-27
I'd scanned down a wormhole in a low sec system and just before I entered it, I received a socket closed message and had to restart my client. Once I logged back in I immediately entered the wormhole, not realizing that my probes never returned to my ship because of the disconnect. Forgetting to bookmark the exit I just came through, I immediately got to setting up a safe spot to scan from and once there I realized my mistake -- no probes. I popped over to EvE-Scout channel and was able to get information on where your guys' supply cache was -- though I forget the name of the helpful scout that saved me, unfortunately. I was able to save myself a Buzzard and finish my exploration, netting around 50m. Much better than a 150m-ish loss including implants from self-destructing! EvE-Scout saved me from some rather noob mistakes. Without you guys, I would have had a much worse day. My thanks to everyone's hard work at Eve-Scout and especially to the scout that helped me.

Zenit Dondie  rescued on YC120-Feb-26
I'm so happy with the help you gave to me. It was a pleasure to be rescued by you. Kind, helpful.... was a beautiful experience. I asked to my alliance for help and no one answered me... but you, a complete stranger, traveled around the game just to help me get out of the hole. I really enjoyed that trip. Thanks a lot.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Feb-21
To start, I want to say I was skeptical of calling on these folk to help. In a game where trust is rare because anyone can be willing and ready to stab you in the back for the lolz, these guys and gals hold true to honor and integrity. I heard good things about them, but figured it was old tales of a group that used to help others out and now just uses people to cleverly hunt others. I was wrong. Not only was I helped with saving my 2 rattles, but the pilot who helped when beyond what they needed to do to make sure I got out safe. They even offered to scout me through LS to HS, but I declined for their job was done and it was time for me to own up to any potential mistakes they may or may not happen. This one pilot's actions has now convinced me to not engage knowingly with Signal Cartel. Which is saying something, since everyone is a target or future target.

Jar Shi  rescued on YC120-Feb-05
It was a very good experience. I knew the low sec system I jumped in from, but had no way to scan it down. An Eve-Scout who was nearby came over and provided a warp in to the wormhole. I tipped him 30m ISK for his help.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Feb-01
Eve-Scout helped one of my ships make it back to K-Space from deep in Wormhole space. Absolutely nothing I could do to get myself out, and with my ship worth very, very close to 1 billion, I wasn't ready to just self-destruct. Great pilots doing a great FREE service for the Eve community.

Chilton Bheskagor  rescued on YC120-Jan-28
We are extremely grateful the Eve-Scout SAR program was available and able to help us. Our experience with the program was of great quality. The response was immediate and within 10 minutes we had a professional en route to our location. We were rescued from J-space easily and thereafter taught the importance of being prepared before entering wormholes as well as how to properly navigate them. It was an educational and helpful experience that we will remember for quite a while. I am happy to recommend the Eve-Scout programs to anyone who needs help.

Stana Katik  rescued on YC120-Jan-28
It was the first time I've been stuck in J-space. I've always been kinda scared of it. I've been scared of losing ship, capsule, implants. And finally it happened. I guess i didn't check the stability of the wormhole, so after I got in, it collapsed, and me and my friend's Miasmos were inside. Unfortunately neither of us had a depot or launcher. No one expected that. I heard before about EvE-Scout, so i found the site, joined the channel, and miracle! After about an hour we got rescued. You guys are doing a really nice job. I know that EVE is just a game, but still, rescuing people is really cool.

Lulu Arbosa  rescued on YC119-Dec-28
Eve-Scout cache is an amazing life saver. Many wormholes deep in a fully fitted Astero with all the implants. So absorbed into a new site I didn't realize downtime had come. I came back to no probes. Sad day. After about an hour of scanning and looking for someone else in system hoping for some kind of relief, I noticed a cargo container named "Eve-Scout Cache". After some quick googling I immediately joined the EvE-Scout channel and asked for some help. Within minutes I was on my way to freedom!

Mavrik Kion  rescued on YC119-Dec-20
I lost probes due to a power outage and thought I was gonna have to pop my Tengu and 500 mil ISK pod. I was relieved to find out that EvE-Scout Rescue exists. It only took about 5 minutes from when I first posted in the EvE-Scout channel to when I had a private conversation started with a mod and was on my way to finding the cache. I can't extend my gratitude enough for the help I received. I'll be sure to send some thanks your way in the form of ISK! My saviors!

Michael Pergkk  rescued on YC119-Dec-15
I got out alive. I recommend your services majorly.

xBocT Airuta  rescued on YC119-Dec-01
It was a bad day from the start: forgot boosters, wrong drones, can't find a way to null sec. I'm tired and log off. The next day, I realised that I forgot to return probes and now I'm a true WH prisoner. Luckily, I had heard about EvE-Scout Rescue! After five minutes, I was free!!! Really so amazing. Even in K-space, people don't help you so fast and well. With such pilots, the game becomes more than a game!

thoth Shayiskhun  rescued on YC119-Nov-16
Thank you so much. The service was very fast and covert. You were able to get a Rescue pilot to my location within about 15 minutes. That was good, considering how lost I was and how deep in the holes I was. Being a new player, I would have lost my mind and my new Astero the first flight out. Thanks again!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC119-Nov-15
I entered a wormhole and warped to a celestial. That's when I notice that I have 16 probes but no launcher -- and I forgot to bookmark my exit. I'm new to wormhole space so the emptiness is disconcerting. For many the pod express is an option, but as a new player the loss of a ship and my implants would really hurt. Newbro Help sends me to the EvE-scout channel. Thankfully one of your pilots is on and close enough for a rescue. A little bit later I'm back home. It was never asked for, but I gave the pilot a tip for going out of their way to help a stranded explorer.

Bustenose Upirilius  rescued on YC119-Nov-14
Had to deal with RL and when I got back, I discovered the exit closed and my buddies had moved on. I was stuck. D-Scan showed your rescue cache. One of your team quickly responded with the password, and I retrieved the probes and launcher. In the station, I was able to refit. I could have self-destructed but it was fun to go with the option of a rescue cache. If I'm ever stuck with something expensive and no cache in system, I'd definitely be calling for a rescue.

tanner mon  rescued on YC119-Nov-08
I wasn't able to reconnect to my probes and had forgotten to bookmark the wormhole exit. I was told to contact EvE-Scout. Soon after, I was directed to a rescue cache and was able to finally get out of the wormhole with the contents in the cache. I am thankful for this service.

Chucao  rescued on YC119-Nov-02
A member of the Signal Cartel generously took the time to find a wormhole that led to J121454 and jump in so that I could find the way out. I am very grateful for this (I sent him a donation), and I really like the fact that such a group exists in EVE.

SpcJnky  rescued on YC119-Oct-29
Thanks again so much! What a crazy good service to have! I was stuck in w-space after a long absence. The corp I was in was basically dead and had gotten rid of all but the ship I was flying, which didn't have probes. I was about to pod myself when I thought I'd ask in help channel, and someone guided me to your website and channel. What a savior it was! I kept my Tengu and implants and made it out to high sec k-space within 2 hours. Amazing!

Hansa Ashai  rescued on YC119-Oct-29
My exit hole closed, I forgot probes, can't reconnect to them, d-scan won't pick up a thing, except some EMERGENCY ONLY container in space. I don't want to suicide. I joined the EvE-Scout channel and contacted random Signal Cartel member. This cool saviour dude teaches me how to find the cache, I pick up probes, find exit to low sec, bookmark it, come back to the cache to replace the probes, and thank the dude again. It was fun!

Blim Blam Korblok  rescued on YC119-Oct-27
My experience was great. After losing probes due to disconnect, I was able to reach out, access the cache, and find my exit within the hour.

peaceful Spirit  rescued on YC119-Oct-22
[The EvE-Scout rescue agent] was very helpful and quick. I was foolish enough to not bring an extra set of probes, game crashed while afk and probes out, and probes expired. You saved me hundreds of mil in losses if i had to pod myself. Thanks again!

Robo Fuzzy  rescued on YC119-Oct-12
I recently got stuck in a wormhole and lost my scanner probes to a disconnect. I contacted them via the in-game channel and immediately people responded with help offers. One person guided me to the rescue cache with the help of D-Scan. I got some Scanner Probes and fireworks out of the cache. Soon I could finally make my escape. After experiencing their help and reading up on the alliance Credo I immediatly filled out the application form because I felt that this is what I want to do while playing EvE. Now I'm a proud member of Signal Cartel and EvE-Scout and do Bob's work.

Everse Aivo  rescued on YC119-Sep-16
I had to make an unexpected log off and when I came back I had lost my probes. That was my first exploration run ever. I had made 100 mil in loot, so I looked for every way possible to save it. I asked around in the EvE-Scout channel and people were kind enough to teach me how to find a rescue cache. I couldn't believe my luck. It was an amazing experience, and I'm very grateful.

Yodik  rescued on YC119-Sep-12
[Eve-Scout Rescue is] working hard. It's worth a lot in J-Space.

Kakihara  rescued on YC119-Sep-04
I was rescued after only 6 days of waiting! For me, being rescued was a bit of a spiritual experience, because my EVE rescue paralleled a real-life rescue. Caring people in-game and IRL were helping at the same time! Thanks, Signal Cartel pilots! Praise Bob!

Shejtan Hakaari  rescued on YC119-Aug-12
An EvE-Scout agent just saved almost half of my net worth in a battleship, and I cannot express how thankful I am for your help. I hope you'll continue doing what you're doing, because it's damn good work.

onix grimm  rescued on YC119-Aug-06
I am so grateful for your help. I had implants and 50 million ISK worth of cargo that I would have lost if it was not for your team. I would recommend you to everyone in exploration! Good luck, and thanks again.

Ilska  rescued on YC119-Jul-26
I sincerely wanted you and your corp to know how much I appreciated the extreme generosity I was shown when I had gotten stuck in a wormhole after logging off without first reloading my probe launcher. I am a returning player currently on an alpha clone and my wormhole know-how is still limited. Safe to say on 26 July I learned the basic lesson of keeping an extra set of probes in my cargo. At the time I had actually had a fairly successful run hacking data and relic sites, so my Heron was almost at full capacity when I had to quickly log off due to IRL stuff - only to return later and find out that I had lost contact and could not reconnect to my probes. It wouldn't have been the end of the world if I had had to abandon ship and clone, but during my scanning of the system I had spotted a can that said something about "EvE-Scout"... I thought I should give it a try, although I also thought it could just as well be a trap -- this is EVE after all. In this case, however, it turned out to be the perfect rescue. Following the note on the can, I quickly got in touch with friendly people in the chat, confirmed via the website, got directions for how to locate the can, got the password and got the probes. I couldn't play more that day so I loaded the probes into my launcher and logger out. It felt almost unbelievable. Like a lifebuoy being thrown out to a person at sea. And I was that lucky recipient! If anything, EVE succeeds in making the player feel the vastness of space. Even more so in W-space, where there are no "roads", only faint trails in the tall waves... The next day, I logged in and resumed the scanning routine with the new probes. To see the probes flash felt like being able to breathe fresh air again after having been near suffocation. A small thing, really, if you think about it, but for a moment I felt something very real. Eventually I found my way back to a station in high-sec space. I wanted to go back and restock the can with probes, but the path had closed by the time I could reach high-sec shops. I have to say, there can't be many cases of such altruism taking place in MMO games, let alone in the world. It was a really cool experience and yet another thing that makes EVE a very special game. I saw the testimonials on your website and I would gladly let you share mine there. No need for anonymity - I want people to know how awesome you guys are! I'm currently taking dives into W-space in between high-sec dabbling, so for now I'm not looking to join a player corp which gets wardecked a lot, but some day I would definitely like to try joining a friendly exploration-focused corp such as yours some day, if alphas are allowed. Once again, thank you very much!!

Barba Negra ElPirata  rescued on YC119-Jul-09
I was stranded inside a wormhole. I asked for help on my corp channel and they told me about a rescue corp. I didn't believe that. I thought they were trying to kill me, but I had nothing to lose. I was stranded anyway, with self-destruct my last option, so I decided to speak with EvE-Scout Rescue. They helped me really fast and without obligation, so I refilled the rescue cache as a way to say thanks. I was in high sec in no more than 15 minutes.

Thanks, EvE-Scout Rescue. I really appreciate it.

Mahyisty  rescued on YC119-Jun-14
Thank you very much for rescuing me from a C5 deep in WH space. After I heard from EvE-Scout, I was not believing the stories I was told, but I can now say that everything was right. I contacted you guys and 2 days later I was safe in high sec once again, without any obligations or anything else. Almost too good to be real.

It was professional, fast and a very nice contact which is why we play this game. Thank you again.

skoll Odinkin  rescued on YC119-May-30
I was really blown away with how quickly your agents responded, and I was very happy with my experience - you guys really helped me out.

Dellman Heluene  rescued on YC119-May-25
I was stranded in a wormhole I was exploring and was destroyed as I entered the system. The rescue pilot contacted me asking if I was in distress and I confirmed as such. The pilot walked me through the steps and was very patient with me as well since I am very new to the game. I am grateful to the EvE-Scout Rescue Search and Rescue Division. I would recommend that everyone join their channel.

Emily Carloon  rescued on YC119-May-17
10/10 would use again xD

Roger Y0ung  rescued on YC119-May-07
I used your [SAR] service, and what can I say? - I was pretty amazed, because, you know, EVE is a game where one trusts no one. I heard of you guys long ago, but never thought I'd need this kind of help. I gave it a try, and it worked pretty well for me. I'd give [the rescue pilot] a medal.

Ashwind Houssa  rescued on YC119-May-07
I appreciate the work you guys did, as there was not only excellent work by the person in the chat channel, but also by the person who had installed the cache in that particular wormhole to try and get me out.

Even though you guys didn't get me out, you did spectacular work considering how badly I had gotten myself stuck.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC119-May-01
The service was both easy and quick, and got me out of quite a pickle. I expect this service will be used well by others in need.

Jenan Tahnek  rescued on YC119-Apr-26
I have to admit I was very skeptical when I first read about EvE-Scout. I decided that even if it was legit, I probably would never need it. It turns out that a week later I logged into my alt that was camping [a wormhole] and realized I had forgotten to retrieve my probes during the previous session. :-| You know the rest of the story.

Thanks for the rescue. The service you provided was courteous, business-like, and timely.

Miss Fiery  rescued on YC119-Mar-20
I had doubts about Signal Cartel when I first stumbled upon their rescue cache, but I contacted them anyway. The cache got me out of the hole that confined me for over a year because of stupid mistakes that I made.

If I happen to get lost in a hole again, and find myself with a rescue cache, I'd not hesitate to contact them again. They are the only ones other than my corp, alliance, or friends that I trust with my life in a game where everyone is out to get you. I highly recommend them.